Photographer based in Utah and California

I am a lifestyle photographer and I shoot unique people that tell a narrative .

My name is Mario Alcauter, I was born in Mexico and I moved to California at a very young age. I am currently studying photography at BYU Provo. Photography has been my passion for the last five years and I absolutely love it. 

My goal is to show the beauty and resilience of the people of this world and to capture moments that can never be captured again. I mainly focus on non-models and place myself in situations where I can appreciate the raw reality of life. I hold myself and my photographs at a high standard of quality and honesty. 

I am based in Provo, Utah and I have photographed a variety of things such as life events, candid moments, and portraits. I love working with those who will allow me to share their stories.

I look forward to meeting you!


Noora Studios

BYU Arts



Jane Strunt Meiling

Illustration Award

Brigham Young University

Student Show—Juror's Award


Brigham Young University

Charles and Shauna Wheatley Design Scholarship

Brigham Young University

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