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Photographer based in Utah and California

I am a portrait/editorial photographer and I shoot unique people that tell a narrative.

My name is Mario Alcauter, I was born in Mexico and I moved to California at a very young age. I graduated from BYU Provo with a BFA in photography. Photography has been my passion for the last five years and I absolutely love it. 

My goal is to show the beauty and resilience of the people of this world and to capture moments that can never be captured again. I mainly focus on non-models and place myself in situations where I can appreciate the raw reality of life. I hold myself and my photographs at a high standard of quality and honesty. 

I am based in Utah and I have photographed a variety of things such as life events, candid moments, and portraits. I love working with those who will allow me to share their stories.

I look forward to meeting you!



Nena & Co

Lee's Jeans

Lonely Ghost

Big Monocle Marketing Agency

La Monarca Jewelry

Subtle Dust

Pampas Haus Jewelry

Noora Studios

BYU Arts



La Linea-Solo Exhibit

Brigham Young University

La Frontera- Humble Foundation Group Show


Jane Strunt Meiling

Illustration Award

Brigham Young University


Student Show—Juror's Award

Brigham Young University

Charles and Shauna Wheatley Design Scholarship

Brigham Young University

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