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La Línea 

The world has only one border. It is called humanity. The differences between us ate small compared to our shared humanity.

-Nadia Murad

La Línea is a project that is influenced by my background as a

Mexican immigrant. Growing up in central California, I was able to see how immigrants, including my family, labored in the fields and local markets for long hours in extreme conditions just to make ends meet;

to strive toward their own American Dream.

Recent political rhetoric has made this subject of immigration a highly controversial and polarizing topic. La Línea hopes to depoliticize this subject and humanize the people behind the policies. On the images, you will see documented immigrants, undocumented immigrants, refugees; as well as tourists, and workers that live on the other side of the border and cross to the U.S. every day to work. I will not be putting these labels on the images with the hope that the audience can feel the tangible complexity and gray area of this topic, as well as empathize with those in search of security, a better future for themselves and loved ones.

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